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Trials, Joys & Tribulations of Motherhood…whilst chasing a dream

10 Apr

I love my son, he’s the best part of everyday and i love him more everyday…if that’s even possible. As a working mother, i made a decision to never take work home¬† so i can focus all my attention on him.

As much as i love my son, i find that my focus on him hampers my business projects. He has a nanny, but when i get home, she knocks off and i take over, leaving me with no time to focus on projects i can only do after hours. I know there’re 24 hours in a day, most of which i spend at work, but by the time my son falls asleep, i’m tired and just want to relax. I don’t even find time to read novels or magazines, something i used to absorb myself in.

I ask myself if i could be using my son as an excuse to not just ‘get on with things’ or if i do have a time management problem.¬† if i use the hours i could be spending with my son to focus on business projects, when do i then make time for him? will that not make me a bad mother? will he not turn out to be a bad child and blame me for not making time for him?

last night i came across a tweet that read ‘the most accomplished did not sit around waiting for things to happen to them. they went out and happened to things’. Someone was quoting Leonardo Da Vinci. I want to go out and happen to things but between my work and my son and of course my partner, when do i find the time?