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Trials, Joys & Tribulations of Motherhood….and everything in between

12 Apr

Good Morning World,
So, i have a little debacle with my son. He’s 13 months old, walks and attempts to talk. He’s a handsome little fella with a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts. Anyway my point is he’s growing but…i’m still breast feeding!! I want to stop but don’t really know how to. I mostly feed him at night so he usually ends up in our bed instead of his own. So not ayoba i know. i’ve heard of women puttting chilli sauce on their nipples or human hair to scare the young ones off the nipple. i’ve thought about trying out the chilli sauce but don’t want to make my baby cry. i have to admit though, it’s a bonding experience betweeen me and him and i don’t know how to let go off that. Any advise out there? help a mother out!! In other matters, i have decided to be more assertive today because i realised that i’m too considerate for my own good. There’s nothing wrong with being considerate, but it can hamper your growth when over done. Will let you know how that goes. Happy thirstday!!