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Trials, Joys & Tribulations of Motherhood….and everything in between

12 Apr

Good Morning World,
So, i have a little debacle with my son. He’s 13 months old, walks and attempts to talk. He’s a handsome little fella with a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts. Anyway my point is he’s growing but…i’m still breast feeding!! I want to stop but don’t really know how to. I mostly feed him at night so he usually ends up in our bed instead of his own. So not ayoba i know. i’ve heard of women puttting chilli sauce on their nipples or human hair to scare the young ones off the nipple. i’ve thought about trying out the chilli sauce but don’t want to make my baby cry. i have to admit though, it’s a bonding experience betweeen me and him and i don’t know how to let go off that. Any advise out there? help a mother out!! In other matters, i have decided to be more assertive today because i realised that i’m too considerate for my own good. There’s nothing wrong with being considerate, but it can hamper your growth when over done. Will let you know how that goes. Happy thirstday!!


Trials, Joys & Tribulations of Motherhood…whilst chasing a dream

10 Apr

Trials, Joys & Tribulations of Motherhood…whilst chasing a dream.

Trials, Joys & Tribulations of Motherhood…whilst chasing a dream

10 Apr

I love my son, he’s the best part of everyday and i love him more everyday…if that’s even possible. As a working mother, i made a decision to never take work home¬† so i can focus all my attention on him.

As much as i love my son, i find that my focus on him hampers my business projects. He has a nanny, but when i get home, she knocks off and i take over, leaving me with no time to focus on projects i can only do after hours. I know there’re 24 hours in a day, most of which i spend at work, but by the time my son falls asleep, i’m tired and just want to relax. I don’t even find time to read novels or magazines, something i used to absorb myself in.

I ask myself if i could be using my son as an excuse to not just ‘get on with things’ or if i do have a time management problem.¬† if i use the hours i could be spending with my son to focus on business projects, when do i then make time for him? will that not make me a bad mother? will he not turn out to be a bad child and blame me for not making time for him?

last night i came across a tweet that read ‘the most accomplished did not sit around waiting for things to happen to them. they went out and happened to things’. Someone was quoting Leonardo Da Vinci. I want to go out and happen to things but between my work and my son and of course my partner, when do i find the time?